ASSURED Open Workshop on Electrified Urban Bus Innovation at InnoTrans 2018

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On the first day of InnoTrans 2018, ASSURED hosted the Open Workshop on Electrified Bus Innovation at the H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz. The full-day workshop explored ASSURED's current position on contributing to e-bus innovation, and allowed for partners to highlight their solutions developed within the project and exchange practices.

The meeting was kicked off by UITP's R&I Director Umberto Guida, who held a talk on the State of the European Battery Electric Buses. After that, Aida Abdulah from UITP and ASSURED Dissemination Leader, gave an overview of the project, elaborating on its objectives, key innovations, and phases. 

Next, three ASSURED partners talked about the solutions they have developed within the project. Ibon Cerro from JEMA highlighted on Irizar's behalf the developed key innovations, specifically Interoperable High Power Charging Systems, Charger-Vehicle Interoperability, Smart Tools for Fleet Level Optimization, and Vehicle Solutions Energy Management and Storage. After, Giorgio Mantovani demonstrated how Altra-Heuliez is focussing on optimisting the energy storage system and batteries life-cycle, to allow for a minimal charging time and improve electric driving range between charging stations. Finally, Jan van Meijl from VDL talked about succesful deployment of e-buses in the cities of Eindhoven and Amsterdam, discussing the technological innovations planned to realise the upscaling of fleets. 

The afternoon welcomed discussion in the World Café, where attendees explored the question of how to match the ASSURED technological innovations with end-user needs. Topics discussed included charger-vehicle interoperability and standardisation, and smart energy storage systems and charging management strategies. 

ASSURED would like to thank all attendees for their presence and contributions!