Test sites

These are the ASSURED Use Cases tested in controlled conditions across Europe. 


Electric Buses

Use Case 1: Superfast DC conductive charging (< 5 min)

Partners involved: ALTRA (lead), IVECO, VUB, ABB

This use case has two objectives:

Use Case 2: Superfast DC conductive charging 

Partners involved: VOLVO (lead), ABB

This use case, led by Volvo, supports the demonstration of high-capacity bus line management during peak hour service, with superfast power transmission achieving high transport efficiency in tandem with zero emissions and low noise levels. Also, it shows TCO's competitiveness for the whole bus system, including environmental benefits. 

Use Case 3: Superfast DC conductive charging for an 18m fleet of BEV buses 

Partners involved: IRIZAR (lead), JEMA

The goal of Use Case 3 is to show the effective operation of a full bus fleet of 18 opportunity charging 18 m articulated e-buses, maximizing the power flow at auxiliary levels (focusing primarily on heating and ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) and battery thermal management system (BTMS) in order to minimize the frequency of service for the same number of vehicles. The buses operated with a service frequency of 10 minutes.

Use Case 4: Fleet of Electric buses

Partners involved: PKM (lead), SOLARIS, VUB

Use Case 5: BEV Bus

Partners involved: VDL Bus & Coach (lead), HELIOX, ABB

Use Case 5, led by VDL Bus & Coach, aims to update the current serial fast charging technology. Two VDL Citea e-bus applications and charging interfaces fitted with ACD type A or B to superfast charging technology. Associated charging strategies and Value-Added Services, such as preconditioning in compliance with the new standards are also available. VDL electric buses were modified, and their Vehicle Charging Control Unit (VCCU) and high-voltage vehicle system streamlined. Superfast charging software and interfaces were paired with an optimized charging strategy for two ACD concepts.


Electric Trucks

Use Case 6: Superfast DC conductive charging of MAN BEV refuse collection 

Partners involved: MAN (lead), ABB, IAV

Use Case 7: Superfast DC conductive charging of VOLVO Electric refuse truck 

Partners involved: VOLVO (lead), ABB


Electric Vans

Use Case 8: Fast wireless charging of Light Duty electric VAN

Partners involved: TOFAS (lead), ICCS, POLITO