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Scientific papers

  • Marko Paakkinnen, Peter Cremers. Ensuring short-term e-bus compatibility and interoperability within Europe - ASSURED 1.0 specification. UITP GPTS. Link
  • Ashkan Pirooz. Feasibility study of re-configurability between different power transmission concepts. UITP GPTS. Link
  • Foad. H. Gandoman, Yousef Firouz, Md Sazzad Hosen, Theodoros Kalogiannis, Joris Jaguemont, Maitane Berecibar, Joeri Van Mierlo (VUB). Reliability assessment of NMC Li-ion battery for electric vehicles application. IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference. Link
  • Daniel Stahleder, David Reihs, Stephan Ledinger and Felix Lehfuss. Impact Assessment of High Power Electric Bus Charging on Urban Distribution Grids. IECON 2019. Link
  • Mohammed Mahedi Hasan. Thermal Management Strategy of Electric Buses towards ECO Comfort. TRA2020. Link
  • Youssef Oualmakran, Laurent De Vroey, Ana Novak-Zdravkovic, Felix Lehfuss, Omar Hegazy. Mitigating the impact of high power charging of electric buses: Perspective of European distribution grid operators. EVS33 - Electric Vehicle Symposium 2020. Link
  • Mohammed Mahedi Hasan, Mohamed El Baghdadi, Omar Hegazy. Energy Management Strategy in Electric Buses for Public Transport using ECO-driving. 2020 Fifteenth International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies (EVER 2020) conference. Link
  • Mohammed Mahedi Hasan, Mohamed El Baghdadi, Joeri Van Mierlo, Omar Hegazy. Energy Management and ECO-strategies modeling of Electric Bus Fleets in Barcelona City. EPE'21 ECCE Europe. Link
  • Mehrnaz Farzam Far, VTT, Finland;Marko Paakkinen, VTT, Finland; and Peter Cremers, VDL Bus and Coach bv, Netherlands. A Framework for Charging Standardisation of Electric Buses in Europe. 2020 IEEE Vehicular Power and Propulsion (VPPC 2020) conference. Link
  • Politecnico di Torino, Department of Energy; Jacopo Colussi, Alessandro La Ganga, Roberto Re, Paolo Guglielmi and Eric Armando. 100 kW Three-Phase Wireless Charger for EV: Experimental Validation Adopting Opposition Method. Link
  • Jon Ander Lopez-Ibarra, IKERLAN Technology Research Centre;Joel Anttila, VTT; Mikaela Ranta, VTT; Mikko Pihlatie, VTT and Haizea Gaztañaga, IKERLAN Technology Research Centre. Electric Bus Forward and Backward Models Validation Methodology Based on Dynamometer Tests Measurements. 2020 IEEE Vehicular Power and Propulsion (VPPC 2020) conference. 
  • Mohammed AL-SAADI,Manuel Mathes,Johannes Käsgen, Koffrie Robert, Matthias Mayrock, Joeri Van Mierlo and Maitane Berecibar. Optimization and Operational Analysis of Electric Vehicle Operation with Fast-Charging Technologies. World Electr. Veh. J. Link
  • Mohammed Al-Saadi,Josu Olmos, Andoni Saez-de-Ibarra, Joeri Van Mierlo, and Maitane Berecibar. Fast Charging Impact on the Lithium-Ion Batteries’ Lifetime and Cost-Effective Battery Sizing in Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles Applications. EnergiesLink
  • Mohammed Al-Saadi, Sharmistha Bhattacharyya, Pierre Van Tichelen Manuel Mathes, Johannes Käsgen, Joeri Van Mierlo, and Maitane Berecibar. Impact on the Power Grid Caused via Ultra-Fast Charging Technologies of the Electric Buses Fleet. Energies. Link
  • Mohammed Al-Saadi, Bartosz Patkowski, Maciej Zaremba ,Agnieszka Karwat, Mateusz Pol, Łukasz Chełchowski, Joeri Van Mierlo, and Maitane Berecibar. Slow and Fast Charging Solutions for Li-Ion Batteries of Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicles with Fleet Management Strategies. Sustainability. Link