ASSURED partner JEMA awarded a new project in Switzerland

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ASSURED partner Jema Energy will supply the charging infrastructure of the Swiss city of Schaffhausen after winning the public tender with Irizar.

The project consists on 13 600 kW opportunity charging stations located in various points in the city, and 16 modular chargers of the ECI family with a power of 50 kW to be installed in depot. 

Thanks to the 600 kW opportunity charging stations, the vehicle batteries will be recharged to 85% in less than 5 minutes. On the other hand, the 50 kW ECID chargers with intelligent charging system will provide night-time charging vehicles and balancing of the battery voltages.

The energy for the charging stations will be generated by the flow of the Rhine as it passes through Schaffhausen. In addition to this ambitious project itself, the challenge is to adapt the entire charging infrastructure to a very limited space, as the infrastructure will be underground.

This is a project of great importance for the country, recently approved by referendum by the population, and which is the beginning of an electrification of the public network of the canton of Schaffhausen and also serves as an example for the rest of Switzerland.