ASSURED results and deliverables published!

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Seven of the ASSURED project results have been published. You can find all documents in the Results section on the website! 


The published deliverables are: 

Data management Plan (D 1.8)

This is a document that describes a structured approach and methodology towards management of all data that is planned to be collected, analysed or generated in the course of the ASSURED project.

Specification of city & PT stakeholders strategies and needs (D 2.1)

This deliverable collects the needs of cities, Public Transport Operators (PTOs) and Authorities (PTAs) and end users for battery electric buses, trucks and vans.]

Specification of grid constraints (D 2.2)

Ths report collects and organises a set of requirements from grid side for the charging points that must be designed in this project.

Final requirement compilation and KPI’s (D 2.5)

The objective of the deliverable is to collect all the relevant KPIs related to the integration of (super) fast charging solutions for electrified HD and MD vehicles and the setting of appropriate performance targets in line with the impacts expected in this call. 

Report on Bus Service Functions (D 10.1)

This deliverable provides an overview of the main challenges and key takeaways for the deployment of electric bus systems, and validates the ZeEUS model of bus service functions.

Dissemination Strategy (D 11.1)

ASSURED Website (D11.2)