From lab to real operation: find out the key results of the ASSURED demos and use cases

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The core of ASSURED was in its demos. During the project, electric buses, trucks, and vans tested different types of charging solutions, including different types of pantographs, plug-in and wireless charging, with the aim of advancing the interoperability and standardisation of electric vehicles and chargers.

Within ASSURED, the following solutions were tested:

  • Interoperable high-power charging, up to 600 kW
  • Charger-vehicle interoperability and standardisation
  • Smart tools for fleet level optimisation
  • Innovative energy storage system and charging management strategies

They were first tested in controlled conditions in various test sites across Europe (the use cases) and later in the project, tested in real life through demos in five European cities.

Now, the ASSURED project has summarised the key results of the tests and demos in its latest brochure.

In the publication, we summarise the activities for each use case and city demonstration and explain which technologies and vehicles were tested. We focus on what the key results were, and ultimately how the tests have contributed to achieving project goals.

Download the brochure.