VDL expands Charging Test Centre with new charging technology

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In cooperation with Siemens, VDL will investigate how vehicle technologies, energy storage and charging systems work together. The VDL Charging Test Centre has therefore been expanded with new charging technology to provide more insight into smarter, more efficient use of the existing power grid and the bi-directional charging of heavy vehicles. Bi-directional charging means that electric vehicles are not only able to draw energy from the power grid and energy storage system but also to deliver energy back to these systems. The VDL Charging Test Centre is located on the premises of VDL ETS (Enabling Transport Solutions) in Valkenswaard.

VDL is going to use this technology for purposes such as boosting interoperability – the mutual communication and exchange of information – of heavy electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Through this initiative, VDL intends to gain greater insight into the entire power supply chain for electric heavy vehicles so that more sustainable mobility solutions can be developed that ultimately contribute to a successful energy transition.

For the full press release, please visit the VDL website.