Highlighting the essence of e-bus interoperability for clean cities: ASSURED releases new video

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While many cities across Europe and beyond are realising their potential, electric vehicles are still often introduced in small numbers. In 2017, the ASSURED project was launched to take on this challenge and boost the uptake of electric vehicles in cities. 

By developing and testing high-power solutions for urban vehicles, ASSURED aims to create charging solutions able to charge various types of vehicles and optimise fleet operation. By enabling operators to mix and match different types of e-vehicles and chargers, their integration into the public transport network will become easier and less costly. Ultimately, this paves the way towards more e-vehicles on the road and cleaner, healthier cities. 

With ASSURED coming to an end next year, the project consortium is currently making up results of their activities, including the demonstrations held in already 4 cities across Europe. 

Now, to recap what solutions are tested in ASSURED, we are proud to have launched our newest project video!

The video explains what type of charging solutions have been developed and tested in ASSURED, highlighting their unique benefits and challenges. All solutions shown in the video have been tested in real-life demonstrations in cities across Europe, and soon the project consortium will launch the public reports on the demo results. 

We wish you a happy watching!