Register for the first SOLUTIONSPlus course on e-mobility

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The global learning programme is based on the SOLUTIONSplus project, which aims to enable transformational change towards sustainable urban mobility through innovative and integrated electric mobility solutions. With the learning programme, knowledge and practical expertise are provided to a broad audience - it is primarily designed for city and regional authorities, but any stakeholder involved or interested in e-mobility is more than welcome to join.

The first course consists of four thematic units: First, e-mobility is contextualised in the pursuit of decarbonising our transport systems. Secondly, a link between e-mobility and integrated planning is established. An overview of the e-mobility ecosystem is presented and relevant sectors, stakeholder needs, as well as operator requirements, are mapped. Furthermore, students learn about good practice examples of policy measures and incentives to support the electrification of transport.
This way, the course serves to establish a general framework to be built upon in all upcoming courses.

In addition to lectures and material for self-study, a kick-off webinar gives key information and guidance about the learning programme and the SOLUTIONSplus project. Virtual exchange sessions are scheduled to accompany the course enabling interactive discussions with and among participants.

Register now for the kick-off webinar on 28 January 2021 at 14:00 CET

You can also already register for the first course, which will focus on Electric Mobility: More than just electrifying cars

For more information, please contact Giacomo LozziSabina Asanova or Claudia Ribeiro.