Testing interoperability and standardisation: ASSURED successfully holds demonstrations across Europe

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Over the past year, the ASSURED project has held a series of demos taking place around Europe testing different solutions aiming to advance the uptake of electric commercial fleets in cities.

Kicking off with Gothenburg, which tested the super-charging of public transport e-buses, distribution e-truck and e-cars, demos were also held in Barcelona and Osnabrück, with the latter testing panto-up and panto-down technology respectively. Currently brochures about the demos are in the making, and results will be shared soon.

Until that time, we welcome you to watch the recordings of the demos online:

Gothenburg: Bus / Trucks Interoperability Demonstration: 21 October 2020

Partners involved: VOLVO (lead), ABB, VTT, UITP, POLIS, VUB

The demo in Gothenburg kicked off on 21 October 2021. The objective of this demo was to prove that an electric delivery truck can be charged by the same electric bus charging system. The demo demonstrated the interoperability between trucks and different versions of buses (one 12m electric bus with opportunity charging (300kW) and two 18m e-buses with high-power opportunity charging (450kW) sharing the same fast charging infrastructure.

Event recording available here

Barcelona: Bus / Chargers Interoperability Demonstration: 18 March 2021

Partners involved: TMB, UITP, VDL Bus & Coach, Irizar, Jema, Heliox and ABB 

This demo tests the interoperability between buses and chargers with panto-up technology in real operation, supported by the ASSURED 1.0 Interoperability Reference developed in the framework of the project. 

Event recording available here

Osnabrück: Bus / Chargers Interoperability Demonstrations

Partners involved: Stadtwerke Osnabrück, UITP, Volvo, ABB

This demo tests the interoperability between buses and chargers with panto-down technology in real operation, supported by the ASSURED 1.0 Interoperability Reference developed in the framework of the project. 

Event recording available here