ASSURED Interoperability & Standardisation Workshop: wrap-up & recording

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On 25 November 2021, the ASSURED Consortium organised its Workshop on Interoperability & Standardisation. Being two essential aspects for the large-scale uptake of electric fleets, the ASSURED team wanted to provide a comprehensive overview of the topics and present works done in the ASSURED project.

Interoperability of e-bus charging is key to ensure a smooth and feasible transition towards full electrification of urban bus fleets, while standards are essential to ensure full interoperability. Yet, both have to be understandable for the relevant stakeholders. In addition to standards, conformance and interoperability testing is required to verify full interoperability of vehicles and chargers.

We hope operators and end users will benefit from the insights provided and integrate interoperability as one of the main criteria when selecting their future charging solutions. To support them, ASSURED has developed the ASSURED 1.0 Interoperability Reference and will soon release the updated version 1.1 Interoperability Reference. 

The full recording is available below, as well as the presentations.